MJG Development Group

MJG Development Group will develop and oversee the installation of brand new manufactured homes to be used for affordable housing under HUD’s Section 8 program.  Currently there are over 300 people approved for housing

assistance on the waiting list in the area planned for development. 

Under HUD’s Section 8 housing program, ​landlords are paid directly from

the U.S Treasury Dept. via direct deposit and all applicants are on a 1 year renewable lease.  

Our homes will be purchased directly from the manufacture which means they

are brand new and under warranty, which will expedite the inspection process

and purchased at a lower cost.  In the proposed county of development there

are over 93,000 applicants on the waiting list and the current monthly housing assistance is as follows:

$1,084 for one bedroom unit

$1,355 for a two bedroom unit

$ 1,888 for a three bedroom unit

MJG Development Group is confident that once funding is secure this project

can be fully developed in 4 months and all units will be rented immediately

due to the current number of approved applicants on the waiting list. 

We feel this development model can be duplicated again and again with

great success! 

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